i didn’t delete my tumblr, i changed names. i may come back to this one.

if you’re here because of that audrey hepburn post, i’d like to point out that i earnestly do not give a shit one way or another about audrey hepburn and i’m bemused that this is apparently my tumblr legacy.

when i first saw the photo, i thought it was very clearly a photoshop because i was certain she had died young. i went to wikipedia to snag a screenshot of her death date and was surprised to discover it wasn’t a photoshop, that she lived to a ripe old age and did a lot with that time.

the facts i list in that post are literally just cribbed out of her wikipedia article because i wanted to express my annoyance that so many people - self included - believe her to have died young. that, as a celebrity - a class of people we usually know literally everything about - her accomplishments in life were such a footnote to her beauty that by and large she is not remembered for her talent or for her charity work, but for black and white photos of her looking perfect and young and some glib quote about how smiling is what really makes you beautiful.

apparently “and history remembers her as pretty” as a one-liner thrown off the cuff to express this annoyance really struck a chord with a lot of you, and i’m glad for that.

but holy shit, i really don’t care about audrey hepburn.